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Rick Ross Thug Cry

Rick Ross:Wake up in the world and I'm just another niggaCall it public housing when you next door to the killersOn them corners it gets better as you goGrind that motherfucker 'till it's yellow brick roadFree as a bird, spoken word in my verseOn my knees praying, niggas shooting in the churchWake up out my sleep in another cold sweatI lived on Billboard, where the fuck to go next?Go against the odds, youngin' go and get a jobAnother country boy they want back on the farmSo far from my goals but I'm close to my kidsGon' cry for Mac Dre throwing up the Thizz

Rick Ross Thug Cry

Get lyrics of Rick ross thug cry song you love. List contains Rick ross thug cry song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Rick Ross just shared a new video for his Mastermind cut "Thug Cry". It stars Rozay, the track's featured MC Lil Wayne, and Wood Harris from "The Wire". Directed by Dre Films, the clip has Wood's character reflecting on his darkest hour. Then, Ross hands him the keys to a new car while his friends christen said car with champagne. It's enough to make a thug cry tears of joy.

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