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Highlander Most Wanted: A Captivating and Emotional Love Story by Maya Banks

Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks: A Book Review

If you are looking for a historical romance novel that combines passion, adventure, drama, and emotion, you might want to check out Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks. This is the second book in The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series, but it can be read as a standalone. In this article, we will review Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks and tell you everything you need to know about this captivating story.

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The Plot of Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted is set in medieval Scotland, during a time of clan wars and political turmoil. The story follows Genevieve McInnes, a young woman who has been held captive for over a year by Ian McHugh, a ruthless laird who has abused her physically and mentally. Genevieve has been scarred by her ordeal, both inside and out. She has lost her hope, her dignity, and her family. She is shunned by everyone at McHugh Keep, except for a few loyal servants who try to protect her.

Her life changes when Bowen Montgomery, the leader of Clan Montgomery, storms McHugh Keep with his men. Bowen is on a mission to avenge his brother's death at the hands of Ian McHugh. He expects to find an enemy stronghold full of resistance and treachery. What he does not expect is to find Genevieve McInnes, a woman who captivates him with her courage, beauty, and strength.

Bowen rescues Genevieve from her prison and offers her his protection. He is determined to make her his wife and take her back to his clan. But Genevieve is not sure if she can trust him or anyone else. She has been betrayed and hurt too many times. She also fears that her past will haunt her and ruin her chances of happiness. She decides to join a convent and live a peaceful life as an abbess.

But Bowen is not willing to give up on her. He knows that she is his soulmate and that he can heal her wounds with his love. He pursues her with patience, gentleness, and passion. He shows her that she is worthy of respect, honor, and desire. He helps her overcome her fears and insecurities. He also defends her from those who would harm her or judge her, including his own clan members and Ian McHugh, who returns to claim her as his property.

Will Genevieve be able to accept Bowen's love and embrace her new life? Will Bowen be able to protect Genevieve from the dangers that threaten them? Will they find their happily ever after in each other's arms?

The Characters of Highlander Most Wanted

Genevieve McInnes

Genevieve McInnes is the heroine of Highlander Most Wanted. She is a brave, kind, and intelligent woman who has endured unimaginable horrors at the hands of Ian McHugh. She has been raped, beaten, branded, and isolated from everyone. She has also been blamed for the crimes of her captor and shamed for her appearance. She has a scar on her face that makes her feel ugly and unworthy of love.

Genevieve has a strong spirit that refuses to break. She tries to help others who are suffering, even at the risk of her own safety. She also has a sharp wit and a sense of humor that help her cope with her situation. She is loyal to those who show her kindness, such as Teague, the cook, and Taliesan, the healer.

Genevieve is drawn to Bowen Montgomery, who treats her with respect and compassion. She feels a connection with him that she has never felt before. She also feels a powerful attraction that awakens her senses and makes her feel alive. But she is afraid of trusting him or anyone else. She thinks that he will eventually leave her or hurt her. She also thinks that he deserves someone better than her.

Genevieve has to overcome her trauma and learn to love herself again. She has to realize that she is not defined by what happened to her or what others think of her. She has to accept Bowen's love and let him into her heart. She has to find her courage and fight for her freedom and happiness.

Bowen Montgomery

Bowen Montgomery is the hero of Highlander Most Wanted. He is a strong, honorable, and charismatic leader who commands respect and loyalty from his clan. He is also a fierce warrior who does not hesitate to fight for what he believes in or for those he loves. He is loyal to his family and his king, Robert the Bruce.

Bowen is on a quest to avenge his brother Graeme's death, who was killed by Ian McHugh in a previous book, Never Seduce a Scot. He leads his men to attack McHugh Keep and take it over. He expects to find enemies and traitors there, but he finds Genevieve McInnes instead.

Bowen is instantly intrigued by Genevieve, who stands out from the rest of the people at the keep. He sees past her scar and recognizes her beauty and grace. He also sees the pain and fear in her eyes and feels a surge of protectiveness and tenderness for her. He wants to make her his wife and take care of her.

Bowen is patient, gentle, and passionate with Genevieve. He does not pressure her or force her to do anything she does not want to do. He respects her wishes and gives her time and space to heal. He also shows her affection and admiration that make her feel cherished and desired. He helps her regain her confidence and self-esteem.

Bowen has to protect Genevieve from the dangers that surround them, such as Ian McHugh's return, his clan's hostility, and his king's orders. He also has to convince Genevieve that he loves her for who she is and that he will never leave her or hurt her. He has to prove to her that they belong together and that they can have a future full of love and happiness.

Other characters

Highlander Most Wanted also features some other characters who play important roles in the story. Some of them are:

who lives at McHugh Keep and helps Genevieve with her injuries and illnesses. He is also a friend and confidant of Genevieve.

  • Teague: A cook who works at McHugh Keep and provides food and comfort to Genevieve. He is also loyal to Genevieve and tries to protect her from harm.

  • Graeme Montgomery: Bowen's older brother and the laird of Clan Montgomery. He is married to Eveline Armstrong, the daughter of their former enemy clan. He is a wise and fair leader who supports Bowen in his quest and his love for Genevieve.

  • Eveline Montgomery: Graeme's wife and Bowen's sister-in-law. She is deaf but can read lips and communicate with sign language. She is a sweet and gentle woman who befriends Genevieve and welcomes her into the clan.

  • Broc: Bowen's cousin and right-hand man. He is a loyal and brave warrior who helps Bowen in his battles and his romance. He also has a secret that he keeps from everyone.

  • Rorie: A young woman who lives at McHugh Keep and is betrothed to Ian McHugh. She is a spoiled and selfish person who hates Genevieve and tries to sabotage her relationship with Bowen.

  • Ian McHugh: The villain of the story. He is the laird of Clan McHugh and the captor and abuser of Genevieve. He is a cruel, greedy, and power-hungry man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is also the murderer of Graeme Montgomery.

The Themes of Highlander Most Wanted


The main theme of Highlander Most Wanted is romance. The book is a love story between Genevieve and Bowen, two people who have suffered a lot in their lives and find solace and happiness in each other. The book explores how they develop their relationship from attraction to trust to love, and how they overcome their obstacles and challenges along the way.

The book also shows how romance can heal the wounds of the past and inspire hope for the future. Genevieve and Bowen both have scars that make them feel unworthy of love. Genevieve has been abused by Ian McHugh and shunned by everyone else. Bowen has lost his brother and feels guilty for not being able to save him. They both think that they are damaged goods that no one would want.

But they discover that they are perfect for each other, and that they can heal each other with their love. Genevieve learns to trust Bowen and open up to him about her past. Bowen learns to accept Genevieve's choices and support her in her decisions. They both learn to forgive themselves and others for their mistakes. They both learn to love themselves and each other unconditionally.

Historical fiction

Another theme of Highlander Most Wanted is historical fiction. The book is set in medieval Scotland, during a time of clan wars and political turmoil. The book depicts the culture and history of that era, such as the customs, traditions, laws, beliefs, clothing, weapons, food, etc. The book also incorporates some real historical figures and events, such as Robert the Bruce, the king of Scotland who fought for independence from England; William Wallace, the Scottish hero who led a rebellion against England; Edward II, the king of England who tried to conquer Scotland; etc.

The book also shows how historical fiction can enrich the plot and the characters of a story. The historical setting provides a backdrop for the action and the drama of the story, such as the clan wars, the sieges, the battles, etc. The historical context also provides a motivation for the characters' actions and choices, such as their loyalty to their king, their feud with their enemies, their honor code, etc.

Abuse and redemption

A third theme of Highlander Most Wanted is abuse and redemption. The book portrays the issue of abuse and its effects on the victims, especially women. The book shows how abuse can cause physical, emotional, mental, and social damage to the victims, such as injuries, scars, pain, fear, shame, guilt, isolation, etc. The book also shows how abuse can affect the victims' relationships with themselves and others, such as their self-esteem, their trust, their love, etc.

The book also shows how redemption can be possible for the victims of abuse, and how they can find healing and happiness again. The book shows how redemption can come from different sources, such as love, friendship, family, faith, etc. The book shows how redemption can help the victims overcome their trauma and reclaim their lives, such as their freedom, their dignity, their identity, etc.

The Writing Style of Highlander Most Wanted

Maya Banks's style

Maya Banks is the author of Highlander Most Wanted. She is a bestselling and award-winning writer who has written over 50 books in different genres, such as romance, erotica, suspense, paranormal, etc. She is known for her captivating stories, engaging characters, and steamy scenes.

Maya Banks's style is characterized by her use of language, dialogue, description, and humor. She uses simple and clear language that is easy to read and understand. She uses dialogue that is realistic and natural, that reflects the personality and emotion of the characters. She uses description that is vivid and detailed, that creates a picture of the setting and the action in the reader's mind. She uses humor that is witty and funny, that lightens the mood and adds some fun to the story.

Pros and cons

Like any other book, Highlander Most Wanted has its pros and cons. Some of the pros are:

  • The pace: The book has a fast and smooth pace that keeps the reader interested and entertained. The book has a good balance of action, romance, drama, and suspense. The book does not have any dull or boring moments.

  • The plot: The book has a well-written and well-developed plot that has twists and turns that surprise the reader. The book has a coherent and logical plot that makes sense and does not have any loopholes or inconsistencies.

  • The character development: The book has a strong and realistic character development that shows the growth and change of the main characters. The book shows how Genevieve and Bowen overcome their pasts and their challenges and become better versions of themselves. The book also shows how they influence each other positively and bring out the best in each other.

Some of the cons are:

  • The realism: The book has some aspects that are not very realistic or believable. For example, some of the events or situations are too convenient or coincidental. Some of the reactions or behaviors of the characters are too extreme or exaggerated. Some of the historical facts or details are inaccurate or anachronistic.

  • The clichés: The book has some clichés that are common or predictable in historical romance novels. For example, some of the tropes or themes are overused or stereotypical. Some of the characters or dialogues are clichéd or cheesy. Some of the scenes or scenarios are clichéd or formulaic.

The Reception of Highlander Most Wanted

Reviews and ratings

Highlander Most Wanted has received mostly positive reviews and ratings from critics and readers alike. The book has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on 1,137 customer reviews. The book has an average rating of 4.14 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, based on 18,137 ratings and 1,137 reviews.

Some of the positive reviews praise the book for its engaging story, appealing characters, emotional depth, and sensual romance. For example:

"I loved this book! It was a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, healing, and redemption. Genevieve and Bowen were amazing characters who touched my heart. Maya Banks is a master storyteller who knows how to write historical romance." - Amazon customer

"This was a wonderful read! It had everything I look for in a historical romance: passion, adventure, drama, humor, and emotion. Genevieve and Bowen were perfect for each other. They had such a strong connection and chemistry that made me swoon. Maya Banks did a great job with this book." - Goodreads user

originality, and romance. For example:

"I was disappointed by this book. It was not very realistic or believable. Some of the things that happened were too convenient or coincidental. Some of the characters acted too stupidly or irrationally. Some of the historical facts were wrong or inaccurate." - Amazon customer

"This was a boring read. It was full of clichés and stereotypes. Some of the tropes and themes were overused and predictable. Some of the characters and dialogues were clichéd and cheesy. Some of the scenes and scenarios were clichéd and formulaic." - Goodreads user

Awards and recognition

Highlander Most Wanted has received some awards and recognition for its quality and popularity. The book was nominated for the 2014 RITA Award for Best Historical Romance by the Romance Writers of America. The book was also selected as one of the Best Books of 2013 by Amazon Editors.

The Availability of Highlander Most Wanted

Formats and editions

Highlander Most Wanted is available in different formats and editions for readers to choose from. The book was first published in March 2013 by Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House. The book has 352 pages and is part of The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series.

The book can be purchased or downloaded in various formats, such as paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook, etc. The ebook format can be read on different devices, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. The audiobook format can be listened to on different platforms, such as Audible, iTunes, etc.

Sources and links

Highlander Most Wanted can be found or bought on different websites and platforms that offer books for sale or download. Some of these websites and platforms are:

  • Amazon: The largest online retailer that sells books in various formats and editions. Amazon also offers free shipping for eligible orders and free Kindle books for Prime members.

  • Barnes & Noble: The largest brick-and-mortar bookstore chain that sells books in various formats and editions. Barnes & Noble also offers free shipping for eligible orders and free Nook books for members.

  • Goodreads: The largest online community for book lovers that offers books in various formats and editions. Goodreads also offers book recommendations, reviews, ratings, discussions, giveaways, etc.

  • OceanofPDF: A website that offers free PDF and EPUB downloads of books in various genres and authors.

  • ReadAnyBook: A website that offers free online reading of books in various genres and authors.


In conclusion, Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks is a historical romance novel that tells the story of Genevieve McInnes, a woman who has been abused and imprisoned by a cruel laird, and Bowen Montgomery, a Highland warrior who rescues her and falls in love with her. The book is a captivating and emotional read that explores the themes of romance, historical fiction, abuse, and redemption. The book has a fast pace, a well-written plot, a strong character development, a realistic historical setting, an engaging writing style, a positive reception, and a wide availability.

drama, and emotion, you might want to read Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks. It is a book that will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and cheer for the characters and their love story. It is a book that will transport you to another time and place and make you feel like you are part of the story. It is a book that will leave you satisfied and happy.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks:

  • Q: Is Highlander Most Wanted part of a series?

  • A: Yes, Highlander Most Wanted is the second book in The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series by Maya Banks. The first book is Never Seduce a Scot, which tells the story of Graeme and Eveline Montgomery. The third book is Highland Ever After, which tells the story of Broc and Taliesan.

  • Q: Do I need to read the other books in the series before reading Highlander Most Wanted?

  • A: No, Highlander Most Wanted can be read as a standalone book. However, reading the other books in the series will give you more background and context on the characters and the events that lead up to Highlander Most Wanted.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Maya Banks and her books?

  • A: You can visit Maya Banks's official website at, where you can find her biography, bibliography, news, events, contact details, etc. You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Q: Where can I find more books like Highlander Most Wanted?

  • A: If you enjoyed Highlander Most Wanted, you might also like other historical romance novels that feature Highlanders, such as The Bride by Julie Garwood, The Secret by Julie Garwood, The Wedding by Julie Garwood, An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands, The Highlander's Promise by Lynsay Sands, etc.

  • Q: How can I share my thoughts and opinions on Highlander Most Wanted?

  • A: You can write a review or a comment on the websites or platforms where you bought or downloaded the book, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc. You can also join online forums or groups that discuss books and authors, such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, Book Clubs, etc.



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