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Mini Desktop (Launcher) 2.0.13 APK [Premium] [Full] High Quality

HotfixFixed incorrect structures being generated ( -Ages/issues/3869) - The server version was not affected and does not need to be updated Bug Fixes:Fixed Horse Power dye recipes being flippedMoved BiblioCraft Framed Tool Rack & Framed Shelf to correct stage (#3625)Fixed bark workblade recipes on servers (#3621)Fixed dyed wool crafting recipes (#3642)Fixed Amadron trades using emeralds as currency (#3648)Restaged Hemp Seeds to zero, matching when hemp may be obtained (#3649)Prevent pickup of Transport Cart with carryon (#3640)Restaged Better With Addons pies to two, where they are obtainbale (#3633)Fixed item drops for various blocks that were overridden in scripts (#3673)Removed JEID error biome from Nature's Compass search GUI (#3612)Correctly stage Aqueduct constructed from stone bricks (#3635)Galacticraft Emergency Kits can now be crafted using their normal recipe (#3692)Blacklist chisels and bits blocks from being picked up using carryon (#3711)Cyclic cables should no longer drop sticks (#3709)Fixed Mekanism recipe staging (#3636, #3628)Stop backpacks from being swapped to armour slots when right clickedStage RFTools Control Workbench container, allowing it to craft staged recipes (#3697)Fixed crash when using carryon with enderstorage by blacklisting the mod (#3729)Remove unused primal ores from world generation (#3730)Fixed jukebox saw recipes giving diamond instead of quartz (#3667)Added missing leaf -> stick recipes (#3668)Added missing plank recipes (#3669)Replace certain recipes still using rose red with recipes that use Red Dye Powder (#3682)Correctly stage Inductive Logistics AutocraftersRemove uncraftable recipes for BWM Fertilizer and prevent blank recipe for key displaying (#3651)Stop Sports Car being casually carried around (#3666)Alter recipe of Tier 8 Heavy Duty Plates to match pattern set by previous tiers (#3676)Barrel types are now craftable with different wood varieties (#3691)Pink Slime ingots now consume steel instead of iron - preventing a conflict with compressed iron (#3765)Prevent NetherEx Golden Wither Bone tools being placed in Item Repairer or Diamond Powered Anvil (#3774)Mossy Cobblestone Blocks now have same stage as item and recipe - can be seen in the world from age 0 (#3775)"Iron" Bits Chisel is now only in stage one (made from tin in this pack) preventing Unfamiliar Item and mis-staged recipe problems (#3775)Remove MREs from loot tables (#3776)Replace disabled cord in Yoyo book recipe with String Cord (#3717)Many more blocks now work with the chisel as expected - inc. metals, (char)coal, gem blocks, etc. (#2092)Ciniscotta and Terracotta from Primal now have crafting paths (#3714)Resolved issue with crafting of metal Spartan Shields (#3650)Adjusted staging and recipes of certain items from Cyclic (#3805)Interdiction Pulsar moved to stage 5 as it seems to serve the same purpose as the fan, only betterMerchant Almanac disabled as it offers no real benefit in this pack - villager trading is a thing of the past by the time it's availableEntity Detector has a new recipe that only uses items from stage 3Increase output of Hemp Fibers and Ground Resin from the Industrial Mill (#3791)Fixed recipe name mismatch between server and client that was causing certain Mystical Agriculture essence recipes to behave strangely (#3818)Config change - blood magic altar tier 6 is available again (#3841)Enhancements:Removed primal tech twine (had no use)Re-introduce Infused Crystal PickaxeBoth carts from AstikorCarts will now trigger the "Love and Carriage" advancement, text clarifiedMore Metal Press packaging recipes can be reversed using an unpacking mold (#3694)Light gray dye powder now accepted by the AE2 Color Applicator (#3683)Added a crafting recipe for Ironwood Bark/Stripped Ironwood (#3622)Made Charcoal Hopper's Age One recipe to be craftable in a 2x2 gridAdded tooltip to clarify how to obtain a car keyStripped unnecessary nulls from recipes; plenty of shaped recipes are now less picky about having their ingredients in the exact right spots in the crafting grid! (@pupnewfster)Ground Netherrack can now be made in the Industrial Mill or the IE Crusher from all types of Netherrack (#3757)Actually Additions Crushed Quartz replaced with AE2 Nether Quartz Dust in all recipes (#3757)Full range of BWM Adobe can now be crafted using Betweenlands Compost in place of dung - see Added an auto-cauldron multiblock machine - making glue now 10x more futuristic (#2545)Hide most Armor Forge variants from JEI - same as is done for the Tool ForgeIncreased the ceremony times for many of the Totemic Ceremonies. The most difficult: Eagle, Baykok, flute imbuing have been made much easier to attain especially for Single Player worlds. Every ceremony is at least 50% longerAdded a new machine to Modular Machinery "Scamulator". This machine's purpose is to allow the crafting of all Galacticraft and Extra Planet schematics by using resources found on planets. This should alleviate the headache of randomly searching for dungeons and hoping the loot you needed dropped. Every schematic requires Liquid Cheese, (because science)!Antique Atlas Markers can now be copied to JourneyMap waypoints. This is done automatically when the JMapStages Waypoint stage is reached. This can also be triggered manually using "/waypoints"Added a final quest to the modpack to summon Sevadus. You will need to use AbyssalCraft to summon himHuge number of mobs added to RFTools Spawner (#3825) Mods Added:ArcFurnacePatch ( #3718JustEnoughIDsIntegration ( biome changing in various other modsMod Updates:AbyssalCraft (1.9.8)AbyssalCraft Integration (1.8.1)Actually Additions (r149)Advanced Mortars (1.6.23)Antique Atlas (4.5.1)Fixes end city crash (#3731)ArmoreableMobs (1.1.8)AstikorCarts ( Sorcery (1.10.19)AutoRegLib (1.3-31)BASE (3.13.0)Better Advancements ( Builders Wands ( with Addons (0.50)Blood Magic (2.4.1-103)Fixes an issue where a Blood Letters Pack could be voided if right clicked when in off hand (#3722)BnBGamingCore (0.11.0)BnBGamingLib (2.17.6)Bonsai Trees (1.1.3-b156)Bookshelf (2.3.581)BuildCraft ( Gadgets (2.6.8)CD4017BE Library (6.4.6)Ceramics (1.3.7)Chisels and Bits (14.33)Common Capabilities (2.4.1)Compact Machines (3.0.18-b278)Construct's Armory (1.2.4)Cooking for Blockheads (6.4.70)Corail Tombstone (3.5.3)CraftTweaker (4.1.18)Cyclic (1.19.11)Fixes an issue with hydrator recipe caching (#3700)Cyclops Core (1.3.0)DarkUtils (1.8.226)Dimensional Control (2.11.0)Environmental Tech ( Mod (1.4.2)Extended Crafting (1.5.4)ExtraPlanets (0.5.3)Farseek (2.3.2)Fast Furnace (1.3.1)FastWorkbench (1.7.2)Foamfix (0.10.5)Galacticraft Core ( Planets ( (2.1.115)Geolosys (2.2.6)Horse Power ( Dimension (1.0.39)ImmCraft (1.6.0)In Control! (3.9.8)Industrial Foregoing (1.12.11-235)Integrated Dynamics (1.0.14)Iron Chests ( issue with inventories not being visible when in the same chunk as a TConstruct Smeltery Controller (#3696)Item Stages (2.0.49)JEI ( (2.0.9)Fixes an issue where JourneyMap minimap would not display when unlocked (#3613)Mantle ( (3.5.3)Mekanism ( ( (4.0.17)MTLib (3.0.6)MystAgrad (1.3.2)Mystical Agriculture (1.7.5)Natura ( (4.3.0)OreExcavation (1.4.140)Overloaded (0.0.57)Pickle Tweaks (2.1.3)Placebo (1.6.0)PlayerBosses (1.0.0)PneumaticCraft: Repressurized (0.11.1-361)Adds a way to transmit redstone along pressure tubes using the Redstone Screen ModulePrimal Tech (0.3.4)Fixes saw stripping NBT (#3542)Quark (r1.5-158)RebornCore ( ( Complex ( Storage (1.6.14)Refined Storage Addons (0.4.4)RFTools (7.71)RFTools Control (2.0.2)SevTweaks (0.3.1-25)Simple Generators ( Storage Network (1.7.6)Smooth Font (2.0)Spartan Shields (1.5.2)Steve's Carts Reborn ( (0.4.7)The Beneath (1.5.1)Tinkers Construct (' Complement (0.4.1)TipTheScales (1.0.4)Toast Control (1.8.1)Together Forever (1.0.12-22)Totemic (0.11.6)Triumph (3.17.0)ValkyrieLib ( (2.5.273)Weirding Gadget (2.1.16)YNot (0.2.4)Yoyos ( (1.8.1) Mods Removed:AppleCoreNot required - AppleSkin supersedesCaliperDebug tool - not needed in releaseSamplerDebug tool - not needed in releaseWorld StripperDebug tool - not needed in release-

Mini Desktop (Launcher) 2.0.13 APK [Premium] [Full]

Important Notes:* The modpack has had a complete re-write of all the CraftTweaker Scripts to make our lives easier during development along with easier updates. However in the process some bugs may show from itemsbeing staged wrong. Or recipes not working correctly, we have done all the testing we can to ensure this won't happen. But with all development processes things will get past QA. So if you findany problems please report them to our tracker, thanks!* Tomb Many Graves has been removed! So what does this mean for me? Well if you have any graves lying around they are now gone. The change has been done due to the lack of support from other modsin the pack which TMG was not getting all the player items. Leading to item loss and users not playing the pack again. So we have changed to using Corails Tombstone which has the mod support weneed, along with some added items which will help the player in the long run. Also for you builders out there, you now have graves to place around your base! We're sorry if you've lost items fromthe old graves. But this is a major update and we had to make the change now rather than later. We hope you can understand this.* If you get a crash relating to `java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: OpenGL45` your LWJGL is out of date. The needed version is 2.9.4 if your using MultiMC you can change the version in the instance settings.Twitch you should use the Jar Launcher as this will auto use the correct version. Likewise for ATLauncher.* Refined Storage (1.6) has a major change in how the mod works. So please review the changes to see what's broken on your network. There is nothing we can do on the pack side to help with, the possiblebreakage of your networks/autocrafting etc... So please ensure you read the changelog and understand the changes done by the mod. The modder has put work into upgrading current networks. But expect to findissues! This is your only warning about this. So don't open issues on the tracker about issues. Unless it's an actual bug with the mod!* Viescraft has been updated (which the mod did a refactor) this means that your ships will vanish, along with some items. This is another thing we can't control with mod updates. All we can say is sorry. Feel free tospawn in components to re-make your ships. Note: Ship building changed a bit so please read up on the changes.* ContentTweaker Molten Fiery is now removed (deprecated in 3.0.8)* Astral Sorcery has a new perk system, and as a result the mod will reset your perk experience.* Astral Sorcery rituals may not be active after upgrading. To restart them, simply pick up the crystal from the pedestal and place it back down.* The Compact Machines Advancement ("Project Miniaturization") may have been reset if you currently had the advancement. See -Ages/issues/3594#issuecomment-471080837 for a resolution. Bug Fixes:* Fixed Betweenland items being repairable in the Cyclic Anvil. As it's not intended from the mod.* Fixed Bronze Tool recipe issue and added Copper Tool recipes (#2802)* Fixed "Broken" tooltip from displaying on the Cyclic swords and Twilight Forest's Glass Sword.* Fixed Cyclic player launcher recipe.* Fixed Bloodwood and Ghostwood planks crafting each others slabs (#3173)* Fixed Steve's Carts Liquid Sensor recipe to fit age 3 (#3152)* Fixed Better With Mod's Bamboo Chimes recipe to be craftable in age 1, and made the Metal Chimes recipe match* Fixed Primal Tech fibre torch to vanilla torch recipe to allow lit fibre torches (#797)* Disabled "pistons move t es" from Quark to prevent crash with Cyclic Redstone Clock (#3110)* Disabled "What is 11?" Easter Egg with Actually Additions (#3140)* Disabled Coal Block to Diamonds in PneumaticCraft config to force it off.* Disabled "Right-Click Places Torch from Hotbar" in ClientTweaks config to fix incompatibility with Tinkers Construct Smelteries (#2892)* Disabled Iridium Singularity (#2985)* Disabled Compressed Zinc (#3168)* Fixed Unrefined Desh not smelting in Mekanism smelters* Blacklisted Tinkers' Tools & Construct's Armory Armor from the Powered Diamond Anvil to prevent some issues. As well, we feel these itemsshould not be repairable anyways using this method. (#2925)* Fix exploit to obtain Mystical Agriculture ores early using oredict conversion machines. (#2840)* Fixed Chisel Temple block recipe giving incorrect recipe output amount. (#2814)* Disabled pickup of the GCPlan spout with the sack of holding.* Fixed custom bedrock not being in the allowed bedrock for Ender Utilities (#3201)* Fixed dye recipes not being removed (some missed ones) and fixed current recipes (#3217)* Fixed Constructs Armory's book not being able to go into bookshelves (#3227)* Fixed jukebox missing recipe (#2905)* Fixed removed dupe processing recipe for Lapis (#3083)* Added missing recipes for some power inputs for MM (#3090)* Fixed inconsistent recipe for VC frame upgrades (#2568)* Fixed raw pigman pelt processing recipe (#2912)* Fixed Content Tweaker ores only working in quartz grindstone (#3147)* Fixed custom Geolosys Ores generating in un-wanted dimensions (#2184)* Added recipes for Priaml cosmetic stones (#1672)* Fixed Pneumaticraft assembly laser recipe to use correct dye.* Added recipes for missing Natura Grass blocks/slabs/stairs (#3310)* Fixed missing recipe for emptying rustic bottles (#2157)* Tweaked staging for rustic slate blocks (#3372)* Fixed conflicting recipes with a diamond apple (#3446)* Fixed Creative advancement trigger being called by two advancements (#3596)* Fixed Compact Machines Advancement ("Project Miniaturization") being in incorrect stage (#3594)* Fix IE excavator not yielding geolosys clusters (#3025) Enhancements:* Disabled more Cyclic Enhancements not needed for this pack.* Added Ferdiand's Flowers glass blocks to sealable block list for Galacticraft (#2797)* Made ore advancement descriptions uniform and corrected Y values.* Added trade with the FFBH mod to get Corn Seeds.* Fixed inconsistent recipes with Rice and some Bread recipes.* Increased age 3 coal coke torch recipe to make 4 torches instead of 2.* Nerfed Better With Mod's nether coal recipe to make 1 instead of 4.* Fixed remaining recipes using the wrong lead ingot, also hidden the ingot and block in JEI to prevent confusions.* Added Industrial Mill recipes for Bone Meal (#3189)* Added some more ingredients to the CWBH compact module (#2051)* Fixed some FakePlayers not being staged (more will be added as we find them). #progress!* Hid Totemic's netherumbrian pipes, bark stripper, and Primal Tech's water powered saw from JEI* Add recipe to the Industrial Mill to process Low Grade Charcoal to Charcoal (#2843)* Add better bucket recipe via the Hydraulic Press (Age 5) (#2777)* Added recipe for low grade charcoal to the BWM Kiln (#2786)* Added recipe for Sticks from the BWM Saw via Wood Slabs (#2786)* Added more recipes to the Industrial Loom (#2293)* Added Bibliocraft shelf recipe with BWM siding (#1476)* Tweaked the spawn weight for Steppe Wolves (#3315)* Re-Stage water bottle to Stage Two (#1648)* Added recipes to the Squeezer to help Alcohol Production (#2724)* Added more wood items from Natura to OreDict to enforce more barrel compat.* Changed stage advancements to now show regardless of their parent being completed (If you have the age, you can see all advancements)* Tweaked the portal color of the Hunting Dimension Portal* Removed Shoggoth Acid Spit* Disabled Shoggoth item destruction* Decreased the health of Lesser Shoggoths to 50* Decreased the health of Shadow Beasts to 50* Decreased the health of Shadow Creatures to 10* Decreased the health of Shadow Monsters to 35* Increased the spawn chance of meteors* Disabled Galacticraft "Harder Difficulty" & enabled "Quick Game Mode" - This reduces the cost of plates, and in general aims to reduce the grind* Added a Meteoric Iron dust and unified Meteoric Iron* Allow fire sticks to be used as a fire source (for lighting torches, etc)* Removed Meteorite Compass as it was not used for anything (#3517)* Reordered advancement tabs so SevTech advancements are first (in order of stage) followed by the remaining in alphabetical order* Astikoor Wheel & Steve's Carts Wooden Wheel recipes altered slightly* Added Abyssalcraft ritual to get Mooshroom Essence for RF Tools Peaceful Dimlet (#3093)* Increased the chances of finding Shoggoth Lairs* Changed Carbon Wafer to Advanced Wafer in Creative Jetpack recipe* Remove useless Wafers* Add tooltip to Death Compass Singularity to indicate how a Death Compass can be obtained* Add tooltip to Coralium Ore & Pearl (#3591)* Add tooltip to BWM Mill Stone (#3585)* Disable Better Foliage's falling leaves to help improve performance* Add chocolate recipe to Modular Machinery Mixer* Reduce HP of Steppe Wolf by half (25-12.5)* Allow death compasses to be stackable & add a recipe to clear NBT data* Allow NetherEx Basalt Blocks to be obtained by chiseling other basalt blocks* Blacklist Shoggoth Lairs from Twilight Forest Forge: Mods Added:* BetterWithLib (1.5) * Now needed with a BWM update. Yay more libs! >.* Building Gadgets (26.6)* Corails Tombstone (3.3.2) * This replaces Tomb Many Graves.* Fast Furnace (1.2.1) * Caches the last recipe used. Helps with tick time and look up speed etc...* In-Game Wiki * Needed for the mods which don't have only docs but support IGW.* JustEnoughIDs (1.0.2-26) * Allows us to add more content #ContentUpdateAnyone?* LibEx (1.0.8) * Now required by Nether Ex (2.0.0+)* Mekatweaks (1.0.0)* More Overlays (1.14)* Playerboss


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