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Visualsvn Server Enterprise Edition Key

Visualsvn Server Enterprise Edition Key

VisualSVN Server is a software product that allows you to set up and manage a Subversion server on Windows. Subversion is a popular version control system that helps developers collaborate and track changes to their code. VisualSVN Server provides a user-friendly interface, web access, PowerShell scripting, backup and restore features, and more.

Visualsvn Server Enterprise Edition Key


VisualSVN Server comes in three editions: Community, Essential, and Enterprise. The Community edition is free and available for commercial use, but it has some limitations. The Essential edition adds some features such as full-text search, scheduled backup jobs, multisite replication, and enhanced logging. The Enterprise edition offers the most advanced features such as management delegation, remote administration, and enterprise multinode.

To use VisualSVN Server Essential or Enterprise edition, you need to purchase a license key that matches the number of users who access the server. A user is defined as a person who commits changes to the server or browses the repositories via web interface. The license key also specifies the number of VDFS repositories that can be replicated across multiple servers using the VisualSVN Distributed File System (VDFS) feature.

The price of VisualSVN Server Essential or Enterprise license depends on the size of the license. The size is determined by the maximum number of users and VDFS repositories allowed by the license. For example, a VisualSVN Server Essential license for 10 users and 5 VDFS repositories costs $55, while a VisualSVN Server Enterprise license for 100 users and unlimited VDFS repositories costs $350.

You can purchase VisualSVN Server license online using various payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, purchase order, or wire transfer. You can also request a quote or a proforma invoice before placing an order. You will receive the license key by email within one business day after the order is confirmed. You can then activate the license key on your VisualSVN Server instance using the VisualSVN Server Manager.

VisualSVN Server license is perpetual, which means that you can use it indefinitely without any additional fees. However, you can only get free updates to newer versions of VisualSVN Server during the maintenance subscription period, which is 12 months from the date of purchase. You can renew your maintenance subscription before it expires to continue receiving software updates and technical support. You can also upgrade your license to a larger size if you need more users or VDFS repositories.

If you are not satisfied with VisualSVN Server performance or features, you can request a full refund within 90 days of purchase. This money-back guarantee policy applies to all new licenses, but not to renewed ones. You can also try VisualSVN Server for free for 45 days before buying a license. You can download the latest version of VisualSVN Server from their official website and install it on your Windows machine.

For more information about VisualSVN Server pricing, licensing, and features, you can visit their official website [here]. You can also read their FAQ page [here] or contact their sales team [here](


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